Scientists in the Field
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Impact!: Asteroids and the Science of Saving the World

Asteroids bombard Earth all the time.
Some burn up in a flash of light. Others explode, smashing windows and throwing people to the ground. But a few have hit our planet, destroying everything nearby on impact. Follow scientists as they search for dangerous asteroids in space, study asteroids that have crashed into the ground, and strive to prevent an asteroid strike if one ever threatens our planet.

Eye of the Storm: NASA, Drones, and the Race to Crack the Hurricane Code

In this addition to the Scientists in the Field series, readers join scientists as they tackle something unusual in the world of ecosystems: colonization. Not a colonization by people, but one of cells, seeds, spores, and other life forms that blow in, fly in, float in, and struggle to survive on the beautiful but harsh new island of Surtsey.

Adventure Notes

SLJ Interview Gives Readers a Behind the Scenes Look

by Harriet Low

A big pile of volcanic rock stuck in the middle of the ocean may not seem like an obvious choice for a place to study plants and animals, but any Scientists in the Field reader knows that looks can be … Read more

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