Scientists in the Field
New Adventures!  

“Required reading for anyone who believes
that we are the only, or even the most, sapient species on the planet. Highly recommended for STEM and animal collections.”
School Library Journal, STARRED review

Crow Smarts

“With an approachable writing style
and photos of crows festooning almost
every page, this engaging volume with attract
budding scientists, and the lively descriptions
not only of the crows but of the scientists at
work will give students plenty to ponder.”

Adventure Notes

Amazing, Chilling Video of Nature in Action

by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

An osprey webcam on Hog Island, Maine, captured this amazing video.  If you’re an osprey fan, you’ll probably be sad.  If you’re an eagle fan, you might cheer.  But in nature, cheers and boos aren’t appropriate.  Wild things do their … Read more

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