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Wild Horses Okay After Sandy


Great news! The wild horses of our Atlantic coast appear to have come through Hurricane Sandy a week ago in fine shape. From coastal Georgia to North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland, herds of wild horses who have weathered storms for centuries know instinctively to seek shelter on higher ground, and within forested areas that offer some protection. Because the super storm made landfall farther north, in New Jersey, barrier island horses were spared the worst of it. But as one of the “saltwater cowboys” who oversee the herd living in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the Virginia portion of Assateague Island noted, the horses seem to know better than human caretakers, sometimes, how to ride out a nor’easter or even an extreme hybrid storm like Sandy. For a rundown on the various different horse populations on these barrier islands, along with some good photos, click here.

by Kay Frydenborg

About Kay Frydenborg

Kay Frydenborg

Kay Frydenborg fell in love with horses at an early age, and now she often writes about them. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three dogs, and rides her beloved horse, Remy, almost every day. The Wild Horse Scientists is her first book for Houghton Mifflin. Visit her website at

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