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The Frog Scientist controversy

Dr. Tyrone Hayes, star of THE FROG SCIENTIST, is the subject of “A Valuable Reputation”, a recent New Yorker article by Rachel Aziz. When Dr. Hayes spoke out against atrazine, a pesticide made by Syngenta, the company began a campaign to discredit Dr. Hayes that went well beyond disputing his scientific findings. Way, WAY beyond. An NPR interview with Rachel Aziz provides a short introduction. The revelations are stunning. Teachers will find much here to discuss with upper middle school and high school students.

by Pamela Turner

About Pamela Turner


Pamela S. Turner lives in Oakland, California with her children and her husband. She has a B.A. in social science from UCAL-Irvine and a Master’s of public health from UCAL-Berkeley. She has written numerous books for young readers, including Hachiko and the Scientists in the Field titles Gorilla Doctors: Saving Endangered Great Apes, The Frog Scientist, Project Seahorse, The Dolphins of Shark Bay and her forthcoming work, Crow Smarts. Visit her website at

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