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On Wednesday, December 2nd, Discovery Channel premiered the documentary Racing Extinction that explores how humanity’s practices are negatively affecting and changing our environment. While some of the information may seem intimidating or overwhelming, it is ultimately a hopeful look at how each person has the power to help.

On Racing Extinction’s website, they promote the movement #StartWith1Thing that provides ideas on how to implement small, positive changes into your daily routine that can blossom into even bigger results. As stated on the site, “the solutions can start with you. It starts with one thing. One thing that changes the way you live, eat, act, drive, work. One thing that changes your everyday. One thing that changes your corner of the world. One thing that leads to another and another and another. Learn here what you can do and then share your one thing. A movement can be born when hope is ignited.”

It is inspiring to see how people are raising awareness and tangibly working towards a better future. If you are interested in some of the themes of conservation and sustainability as well as the amazing animals covered in the documentary, take a look at Scientist in the Field books like The Elephant Scientist, The Frog Scientist, The Next Wave, Tracking Trash, Project Seahorse and upcoming The Great White Shark Scientist, to name a few!

by Lily Kessinger

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