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Pluto Flyby!

Grreting From Pluto

Get ready for your closeup, Pluto! This Tuesday, July 14th,at 7:49 AM EDT the first-ever spacecraft to visit Pluto will make its closest approach. The robotic spacecraft New Horizons is set to fly by the icy dwarf planet and its five moons after a journey of three billion miles and nine and a half years!

Make sure to set your alarm and tune into the action! Here’s how:

  • Track New Horizons in real time on NASA’s Eyes on Pluto. You can watch as it scans the Pluto system during the flyby with the different onboard instruments.
  • NASA television will carry full coverage of the flyby on July 14. “Arrival at Pluto” starts at 7:30 AM EDT. NASA TV is carried by many cable and dish providers and streams online and on most devices.

And don’t miss out on the party! Plutopaloozas are happening all over. Find out if a nearby museum, planetarium, or science center is holding a Pluto celebration event here. If not, start your own! You can trick it out with swag from this toolkit.

Go, New Horizons!


NASA 2015

by Mary Kay Carson

About Mary Kay Carson

Mary Kay Carson

Mary Kay Carson and Tom Uhlman are the author and illustrator of Emi and the Rhino Scientist and The Bat Scientists. Mary Kay has written many books for children and Tom has been a freelance photographer for twenty years. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with their dog Ruby where they wait each summer evening for the bats to begin circling above their backyard pond. Tom also shot photographs for Eruption!, a Scientists in the Field book about volcanoes by Liz Rusch. Mary Kay and Tom’s upcoming Scientists in the Field book is Park Scientists: Gila Monsters, Geysers, and Grizzly Bears in America’s Own Backyard, which is about America’s National Parks.

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