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New Year, New Books Part 1

Happy New Year! We are excited for 2016 and all of the wonderful books it will bring. We’d like to share our excitement by giving a sneak peek of three new Scientists in the Field books coming out this year.

First up is…….


The Great White Shark Scientist by Sy Montgomery with photographs by Keith Ellenbogen

While we introduced this title during Shark Week 2015, here is a special sneak peek of some facts from the sidebar “Sharks by the Numbers”:

**Estimated number of sharks of all species worldwide: 7 billion Estimated number of humans worldwide: 7 billion Average number of sharks of all species killed yearly by people: about 100 million Average number of people killed by sharks of all species yearly: 11 Chance of a person being killed by a shark: 1 in 37 million Chance of dying from the flu: 1 in 63 Number of Americans killed by shark bite between 1984 and 1987: 4 Number of New Yorkers bitten by humans in same period: nearly 1,600 Number of Americans injured by sharks in one year (1996): 13 Number of Americans injured by toilets that same year: 4,300 Number of Americans injured by buckets and pails that same period: 11,000 Number of Americans injured by room fresheners in that same year: 2,600 Age to which a Great White shark can live: at least 70

Fascinating! Summer may seem far away (especially for those with snow), but this book will swim into your to-be-read piles before you know it! Keep your eyes peeled for a GREAT WHITE SHARK SCIENTIST sighting in June 2016—just in time for Shark Week.

And make sure to visit Adventure Notes next week for a sneak peek of CROW SMARTS by Pamela S. Turner with photographs by Andy Comins!

by Lily Kessinger

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