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M3 Wave is Making Waves

The Next Wave

Readers may remember Mike Morrow, Mike Delos-Reyes, and the company they founded—M3 Wave—from Scientists in the Field title The Next Wave, by Elizabeth Rusch. Now, these ground-breaking pioneers of wave energy technology are making a splash of their own as finalists in the US Department of Energy’s Wave Energy Prize competition!

The Next Wave highlights how “Inventors have been struggling for decades to create devices capable of surviving the punishing force of out powerful oceans” and harnessing some of their sustainable energy. After exploring the work that the two Mikes have done to advance this fascinating scientific field, Rusch notes that, “a number of wave energy projects have gained powerful momentum, and the field of wave energy is finally reaching a crest.” The Wave Energy Prize, given their competitive field of finalists (including M3 Wave) competing for funding to support their projects, is proof of that.

M3 Wave was the first of the selected finalists to test their model design, which utilized their DMP technology, in the water this summer. Readers can learn all about how DMP works in The Next Wave, as well as how it was developed—the process began as a student project when the Mikes were in college!

The contest wraps up next month, when the Department of Energy will announce the results. Until then, check out The Next Wave to learn more about M3 Wave, the cutting edge field of wave energy, and the importance of developing sustainable energy sources.

by Harriet Low

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