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Introducing The Great White Shark Scientist


Keith Ellenbogen

Here (in a selfie photo taken by Keith) you’ll see photographer Keith Ellenbogen and author Sy Montgomery diving in a cage off of Mexico’s Guadeloupe Island at work on their next book in the Scientists in the Field series: The Great White Shark Scientist. Great white sharks came to investigate almost close enough to touch them! Was it frightening?

“No,” writes Sy, “held in the embrace of the blue, clear sea, mesmerized by the sharks grace and beauty, I experience only an overwhelming sense of tranquility.”

by Sy Montgomery

About Sy Montgomery

Sibert Medalist Sy Montgomery has studied pink dolphins of the Amazon; she has been chased by an angry silverback gorilla in Zaire; bitten by a vampire bat in Costa Rica; undressed by an orangutan in Borneo; and hunted by a tiger in India. She also worked in a pit crawling with eighteen thousand snakes in Manitoba; handled a wild tarantula in French Guiana; and mingled with the world’s largest and most unusual parrots in New Zealand. Along with photographer Nic Bishop, she created the first book published in the Scientists in the Field series: The Snake Scientist. Since then she has written The Tarantula Scientist, Quest for the Tree Kangaroo: An Expedition to the Cloud Forest of New Guinea, Saving the Ghost of the Mountain: An Expedition Among Snow Leopards in Mongolia, Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World’s Strangest Parrot, The Tapir Scientist: Saving South America’s Largest Mammal, and Chasing Cheetahs: The Race to Save Africa’s Fastest Cats, all with photographs by Nic Bishop. In 2011, Kakapo Rescue: Saving the World’s Strangest Parrot was the Sibert Medal winner for most distinguished informational book. Her most recent book in the series is The Octopus Scientists: Exploring the Mind of a Mollusk, with photography by Keith Ellenbogen. She also wrote a book about animal and austim rights spokesperson Temple Grandin called Temple Grandin: How The Girl Who Loved Cows Embraced Autism And Changed The World. She next writes about great white sharks. Visit her online at Author photo by Sam Marshall.

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