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FIVE days until Curiosity Lands!


The Mars rover Curiosity, continuing the story of The Mighty Mars Rovers, is due to land on the red planet August 5, 2012. It has been soaring through the solar system for more than nine months. Here are details of its launch.

  • Spacecraft: Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity Rover
  • Launch Vehicle: United Launch Alliance Atlas V
  • Launch Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
  • Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 41
  • Launch Date: Nov. 26, 2011
  • Launch Time: 10:02 a.m. EST

You can watch a video of the amazing rocket launch at:

by Elizabeth Rusch

About Elizabeth Rusch

Elizabeth Rusch

Elizabeth lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family. The Mighty Mars Rovers: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity was her first book for the Scientists in the Field series, followed by Eruption! – about vulcanologists – scientists who study volcanoes--and her newest book, The Next Wave: The Quest to Harness the Power of the Oceans. You can visit Liz online at

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