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Fall 2018 Osprey Update!

Fall 2018 Osprey Update

Here’s a happy update on the University of Montana Osprey Cam in Hellgate Canyon near Missoula. Good news—despite the early muddy high water in the Clark Fork River, osprey parents Louis and Iris were able to raise a chick this season, their first success since pairing up two years ago.

Here’s Erick Greene’s Facebook post reminding us of the history and giving this youngster (probably a female) a wonderful name:

Hi everyone,

Some exciting news on the name of the chick at the Hellgate nest. As a reminder, Louis is named in honor of Louis Adams, a revered Salish Elder who gave a traditional blessing to the Missoula College site and the osprey nest. This Hellgate site was very special to Louis Adams, since his Grandmother spent time in a teepee right across the Clark Fork River.

At that time, Stanley was Iris’ mate but he did not return during the spring 2016 breeding season. We suspect that Stanley died over the winter. Louis Adams died on 25 April 2016, and just a short time later a new male showed up at the Hellgate nest. Iris accepted him immediately, and we were honored that the Adams family let us name this new male Louis in memory of Louis Adams.

When the Missoula College was opened, Myrna Dumontier and Arleen Adams (two of Louis Adam’s children) gave wonderful talks about Louis and the importance of education and the environment. We were delighted that the Adams family agreed to suggest a name for the new chick!

It is L’el’e who was Louis Adam’s auntie. This is very special, since now Louis and Iris’ chick also has a name that continues the tradition of the Adams family.

Thank you Adams! Erick Greene

All three of these birds have now left to fly south for the winter. We can hope that Iris and Louis will return safely next spring to raise a new family.

by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

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