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Dolphins in the Wild

Dolphins Of Shark Bay

In Dolphins of Shark Bay, author Pamela S. Turner brings up some thought-provoking questions: “Is it okay to keep dolphins in public aquariums and swim-with-the-dolphins programs because it’s educational (for humans)? Is it okay to keep dolphins for research? Is it okay to capture wild dolphins for use in education or research? What about dolphins born in captivity?”

The Born Free Foundation’s project Back to the Blue recently published a report on two dolphins, Tom and Misha, that were successfully released from captivity in 2012. The project aims to “highlight the plight of captive dolphins and the repercussions of increasing impact of ‘swim-with’ opportunities on the animals concerned.”

To learn more about Tom and Misha and The Back to the Blue project, check out this video that details the rehabilitation process. And to read more about dolphins and how they adapt and survive in the wild, don’t miss Dolphins of Shark Bay by Pamela S. Turner, with photographs by Scott Tuason.

by Lily Kessinger

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