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Curious about Curiosity?


Did you watch the amazing landing of Curiosity on Mars? If you missed it, check out this moving video.

Not too long after landing, Curiosity did its first laser zap of a rock on Mars and its first drive.

Here you can see how scientists and engineers ran Curiosity’s instruments through their paces at a place called Rocknest.

Curiosity is now set to drill its first rock on Mars. You can watch a great short video that describes how Curiosity is moving from a phase of testing and checking into doing “discovery driven planning.” In other words, the rover is now ready to do what scientists think will lead to the most interesting discoveries on the red planet.

Will Curiosity find more building blocks of life on Mars? To find out follow NASA’s mission page.

Happy Exploration! Elizabeth Rusch, author of The Mighty Mars Rovers

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Elizabeth Rusch

Elizabeth lives in Portland, Oregon, with her family. The Mighty Mars Rovers: The Incredible Adventures of Spirit and Opportunity was her first book for the Scientists in the Field series, followed by Eruption! – about vulcanologists – scientists who study volcanoes--and her newest book, The Next Wave: The Quest to Harness the Power of the Oceans. You can visit Liz online at

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