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Batty Halloween!


It’s that time of year for tricks or treats and other spooky happenings. And while one of Halloween’s most famous symbols—the bat—may sometimes get a bad reputation, Bat Conservation International states, “bats are our unseen gardeners, with many different foods around the world relying on these nocturnal creatures for pollination, seed dispersal and pest control.” But wait, there’s more: “Economists estimate that without bats controlling pest populations, cocoa bean yields would fall by up to 22 percent”—so you can even thank bats for their part in bringing chocolate to your goodie bags this Halloween!

In celebration of these often misunderstood creatures, be sure to check out some of these fun activities and more bat facts at as well as reading The Bat Scientists by Mary Kay Carson, photographs by Tom Uhlman to learn about the dangers many populations of bats are facing and the importance of saving them.

by Lily Kessinger

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