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A video sneak peek – Sea Turtle Scientist trailer!


Check out this wonderful Sea Turtle Scientist trailer! Author Stephen R. Swinburne (who wrote Once a Wolf, one of the first and most popular Scientists in the Field books) travels to St. Kitts to profile a scientist trying to save the island’s leatherback turtle population. This footage is fantastic — see how big an adult leatherback sea turtle can grow. And did you know that only one in a thousand sea turtle eggs becomes an adult? That’s one reason why this book and the work of Dr. Kimberly Stewart is so important. Sea Turtle Scientist comes out in 2013 but you can get an early peek at it now!

Sea Turtle Scientist – Click here!

(And listen carefully to the music — Steve might be one of our only singing Scientists in the Field authors!)

by Erica Zappy

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