Scientists in the Field

Follow Along As We Storm Chase In Tornado Alley

We’re going storm chasing this week! Myself and photographer Tom Uhlman will be tagging along with tornado scientists Robin Tanamachi, Dan Dawson, and their meteorology students May 25 to June 1. We’ll be blogging from the road all week, posting … Read more

Is It Tornado Season Where You Live?

Spring is here! It’s time to leave the mittens and heavy coats behind, enjoy the budding trees and blooming flowers, and also be aware of severe weather. That’s right, springtime is tornado season across much of the United States. But … Read more

Ultima Journey Update

In their SITF title Mission To Pluto, author Mary Kay Carson and photographer Tom Uhlman took readers where no person or spacecraft had gone before: Pluto! An inside look at New Horizons, Mission to Pluto explores the first spacecraft mission to Pluto, which … Read more

Mission to Pluto Out Next Week

Happy new year, and happy new SITF book! Author Mary Kay Carson and photographer Tom Uhlman have teamed up for Mission to Pluto, a new title that has already earned a starred review from Kirkus, which notes that “the author’s enthusiasm shines through her clear, … Read more

Get in the Halloween Spirit with Bat Week!

Halloween is just around the corner, so you may already have bats on the brain. These creepy flying rodents are a perfect fit for the most spooky holiday. Right? Wrong! Even though bats live in dark places like caves and … Read more

ERUPTION! in Indonesia

It’s been a busy summer for volcanologists in Indonesia—as the Chicago Tribune reported on August 3, the country saw three eruptions in quick succession from “Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island near Bali, the Sinabung volcano on Sumatra Island and Mount … Read more

Today is World Rhino Day!

If you’d like to read about the Sumatran rhinoceros and the Cincinnati Zoo’s successful but extremely challenging attempts to breed this very endangered species in captivity, please check out Emi and the Rhino Scientist, the first Scientists in the Field … Read more

National Park Service Centennial Celebration

This August marks the one hundredth birthday of the National Park Service, and people all over the United States are celebrating the centennial! Scientists in the Field author Mary Kay Carson showed her excitement by discussing the importance of the … Read more

New Horizons Mission Extended

As Scientists in the Field author Mary Kay Carson detailed in Pluto Flyby!, it was a year ago today—July 14, 2015—that the robotic spacecraft New Horizons became the first ever to visit Pluto, flying by the dwarf planet to collect … Read more

Grizzlies and Pronghorns and Wolves, oh my!

Grizzly bears don’t only need lots of space to roam—they also need to be able to feed themselves! As Scientists in the Field author Mary Kay Carson explores in Park Scientists, this isn’t always an easy task, even in vast … Read more

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