Scientists in the Field

M3 Wave is Making Waves

Readers may remember Mike Morrow, Mike Delos-Reyes, and the company they founded—M3 Wave—from Scientists in the Field title The Next Wave, by Elizabeth Rusch. Now, these ground-breaking pioneers of wave energy technology are making a splash of their own as … Read more

Time to Celebrate

Do you know what week it is? Children’s Book Week—“the annual celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading.” And while this may be a departure from our usual celebrations concerning cephalopods, sharks, and other intriguing creatures, … Read more

Current Events

As evidenced by the recent climate talks in Paris, there is a need for sustainable, renewable energy in place of fossil-fuels such as coal and gas. And that’s where wave energy comes in. Imagine being able to transform the crash … Read more

Making Waves

As Elizabeth Rusch writes in The Next Wave, “We are in desperate need of a new clean, renewable energy source” and “pioneers are inventing machines to transform the potent pulsing movement of waves into electricity to light our homes and … Read more

The Next Wave Update!

When I wrote about the cutting-edge field of wave energy in my newest book The Next Wave, I wanted to do two things. As the global warming crisis worsens, I wanted to bring attention to a really promising renewable, sustainable, … Read more

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