Scientists in the Field

The Frog Scientist and the EPA

Way back in 2002, Dr. Tyrone Hayes, profiled in THE FROG SCIENTIST, published a scientific paper demonstrating the harmful environmental effects of atrazine, one of the most commonly used herbicides in the U.S. In response, Syngenta, the giant international company … Read more

Could Kermit be a Real Frog?

Ever wonder where Kermit the Frog got his dashing good looks from? Well, recently a new species of frog with a striking similarity to the beloved Muppet was discovered in Costa Rica. You can read more about the Kermit doppelganger … Read more

The Frog Scientist controversy

Dr. Tyrone Hayes, star of THE FROG SCIENTIST, is the subject of “A Valuable Reputation”, a recent New Yorker article by Rachel Aziz. When Dr. Hayes spoke out against atrazine, a pesticide made by Syngenta, the company began a campaign … Read more

An update on Fearless the gorilla!

Readers met Fearless, a young lowland gorilla, in my book GORILLA DOCTORS. “Fearless” is a translation of his Rwandan name, Ntabwoba. Since being nursed back to health by the Gorilla Doctors, Ntabwoba has grown up into a fine young gorilla. … Read more

The Frog Scientist wins conservation award!

Tyrone Hayes, star of THE FROG SCIENTIST, recently received the E.O. Wilson Award from the Center for Biological Diversity. The award celebrates Tyrone’s “courageous science and advocacy to protect people and wildlife from pesticides,” says Kieran Suckling, the executive director … Read more

New dolphins at Shark Bay!

Just a few days ago, THE DOLPHINS OF SHARK BAY was released. The wild bottlenose dolphins profiled in the book–especially the younger animals–continue to change and grow. Readers may remember Dodger, a fourteen-year-old female who is one of a small … Read more

Dolphins Are Even Smarter Than You Think!

My upcoming book The Dolphins of Shark Bay looks at the lives of a community of wild bottlenose dolphins in Western Australia. As researcher Janet Mann notes, “Like us, dolphins have big social networks.” Over the course of a typical … Read more

Saving a Glorious Coral Reef

The marine conservation organization Project Seahorse has launched a new effort, Expedition Danahon Bank, a collaboration between scientists, conservationists, and nature photographers to capture the beauty of this rare but threatened double reef system in the Philippines. You can enjoy … Read more

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