Scientists in the Field

Kakapo Genome Project Update

Readers of the Scientists in the Field series and bird lovers will remember Kakapo Rescue, the Sibert Medal winner written by Sy Montgomery and photographed by Nic Bishop which outlines the decades-long struggle to study one of the world’s most mysterious birds, and keep this New Zealand … Read more

News for Upcoming Title, The Hyena Scientist

Summer vacation may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s been relaxing for the last few months. Scientists in the Field author Sy Montgomery and photographer Nic Bishop have been hard at work on The Hyena Scientist, … Read more

Kakapo Rescue Continues

“Imagine shaking the trunk of a sapling and finding giant parrots falling to the ground like apples! That’s how common kakapo once were in New Zealand”—Sy Montgomery sets the scene for a dramatic and ongoing recovery effort to save a … Read more

NASA’s Next Generation Origami Space Telescope

Since NASA launched the Hubble Telescope in 1990 it has sent images back to Earth that have changed way we see the universe. And they are doing it again. By the end of this decade, the James Webb Space Telescope … Read more

Up-close and Personal Tapir Videos from the Field!

Sy Montgomery and Nic Bishop’s newest book, The Tapir Scientist, takes place in Brazil and follows Sy and Nic as they join scientist Pati Medici as they look for tapirs (who are quite adorable mammals who sort of resemble pigs).  … Read more

Enhanced Scientists in the Field eBooks!

If you haven’t checked out our enhanced eBooks, there is no better time than now. As students, teachers, and school librarians head back to the classrooms, these eBooks make perfect additions to group learning.  Right now there are four titles … Read more

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