Scientists in the Field

SLJ Interview Gives Readers a Behind the Scenes Look

A big pile of volcanic rock stuck in the middle of the ocean may not seem like an obvious choice for a place to study plants and animals, but any Scientists in the Field reader knows that looks can be … Read more

Washed Ashore

Readers of Scientists in the Field title Tracking Trash by Loree Griffin Burns won’t be surprised to learn that we have a pollution problem in our oceans: the title follows Dr. Curt Ebbesmeyer as he, along with a dedicated network of beachcombers, tracks trash as it travels across our … Read more

Still Tracking Trash

All good books come to an end. But with ‘Scientists in the Field‘ books, the stories inside always continue … This week the ocean research vessel Alguita, known to Tracking Trash readers for its pioneering investigation of plastic debris in the North Pacific Ocean, … Read more

Transforming Trash

Dr. Curtis Ebbesmeyer is a leading expert on ocean flotsam and jetsam and in the Scientists in the Field book Tracking Trash by Loree Griffin Burns, he says, “We can see the movement of trash by the great ocean currents … Read more

Beetle Season

When you spend two years of your life learning and talking about a flashy beetle with giant striped antennae and blue feet, an insect that has invaded your hometown and kicked off a massive beetle hunt, your friends and neighbors … Read more

My Bees About Town

  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: keeping honeybees is much harder than writing about them. In the year since I became a beekeeper, I’ve struggled to keep my very small apiary buzzing. I currently have two … Read more

Tracking Trash and Making Art

“Science tells us how the world really is. And how things really work. The one thing you don’t have time and space for in science, though, is to express how that feels to you.”  ~ Carl Safina And so Carl … Read more

Scientists in the Field subject featured in TIME magazine

Did any of you happen to catch the August TIME magazine cover story, A World Without Bees/The Plight of the Honeybee?  Those of you who have read Loree Griffin Burns’ The Hive Detectives might have recognized some of the names … Read more

Honey Bee News

Dr. Jeff Pettis and Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp, two of the scientists profiled in The Hive Detectives, recently carried out new experiments to look at the ways chemicals sprayed on crops affect honey bee health. You can read the results of … Read more

Beetle Busting

My next Scientists in the Field book is about the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) and the men and women studying it in Worcester County, Massachusetts. ALB is a fascinating insect with a fascinating life cycle, but it did not evolve … Read more

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