Scientists in the Field

Big News for Scientist in the Field Scott Dowd

Amazon Adventure is one of the latest installments in the Scientists in the Field series, which follows world class researchers, teams, and intrepid scientists as they investigate the science behind the world we live in. From award-winning team Sy Montgomery and photographer Keith Ellenbogen, … Read more

Octopus Update and New Book News!

In Scientists in the Field title The Octopus Scientists, Sy Montgomery and Keith Ellenbogen invited readers to learn more about these fascinating, strange, and highly intelligent invertebrates. Not only does Montgomery provide tons of fun facts (like how octopuses have three hearts, … Read more

The Great White Shark Scientist is Making Waves

Back in May, author Sy Montgomery gave us all a sneak peak at her newest Scientists in the Field title in her post, Introducing the Great White Shark Scientist. As of June 7th, The Great White Shark Scientist is out … Read more

Scientists in the Field (and the Office)

This week author Sy Montgomery and photographer Keith Ellenbogen stopped by the office to pose with their upcoming book The Great White Shark Scientist, doodle on the walls, and discuss some upcoming projects…stay tuned!

Award News

The Octopus Scientists: Exploring the Mind of a Mollusk, by Sy Montgomery with photographs by Keith Ellenbogen, is the winning Middle Grade Science book as awarded by the 2016 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)/Subaru Science Books & … Read more

New Year, New Books Part 1

Happy New Year! We are excited for 2016 and all of the wonderful books it will bring. We’d like to share our excitement by giving a sneak peek of three new Scientists in the Field books coming out this year. … Read more

Award News

Congrats are in order to Scientist in the Field author Sy Montgomery whose adult book The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness was named a Nonfiction 2015 National Book Award Finalist. In an interview … Read more

Are Octopuses Actually Aliens?

Three hearts, blue blood, amorphous skin, and tentacles that taste—for many it may come as no surprise that these sea-dwelling shape-shifters are, in fact, aliens. And results from a DNA study just might prove it. According to an article on, … Read more

Shark Week 2015

Right on the heels (or should we say tentacles?) of Cephalopod Week is one of the most exciting times of the year: Shark Week! While you’re catching up on all the shark news, like this video taken by paddleboarders surrounded … Read more

Cephalopod Week 2015

Cephalopod Week 2015 (June 19th-June 26th) is just winding down, but you can still celebrate by reading the newest Scientists in the Field book, The Octopus Scientists by Sy Montgomery with photographs by Keith Ellenbogen. Also be sure to check … Read more

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