Scientists in the Field

It’s a Girl!

Fantastic news from the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) in Indonesia. A new calf was born in the predawn hours of May 12th at the 250-acre SRS within Way Kambas National Park. It’s a healthy girl! The parents are mom Ratu and … Read more

Last Sumatran Zoo Rhino Heads to Indonesia

I’ll probably never see a Sumatran rhino again. Eight-year-old Harapan is leaving the Cincinnati Zoo for Indonesia soon. Harry is the sole member of his species viewable by the public anywhere in the world. Sumatran rhinos no longer live in any other zoos. Harapan … Read more

Celebrate World Rhino Day!

September 22nd is World Rhino Day! Zoos, wildlife organizations, businesses, students, and concerned citizens around the world are getting the word out about the trouble these remarkable animals face in the wild. World Rhino Day’s theme says it all: Five Rhino Species … Read more

Now For Some Happier Rhino News

An incredible image has come from the jungles of Indonesia. It shows a rare Sumatran rhino, one just like the late Emi (from Emi and the Rhino Scientist, pictured, with Dr. Terri Roth) and her offspring Andalas, Suci, and Harapan … Read more

World Rhino Day Focuses On Poaching Crisis

An annual event meant to celebrate all things rhino, this year’s World Rhino Day had a worrisome tone. “Every single rhino is under threat of poaching at the moment,” said Barney Long of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “This slaughter … Read more

Siblings to Help Save Sumatran Rhino

Rhinos worldwide are facing a crisis as the price of rhino horn skyrockets. Demand for the traditional medicines made from black market rhino horns has never been higher in China and Vietnam. As the value of rhino horn increases, so … Read more

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