Scientists in the Field

Ospreys in Missoula: Spring 2018 Update

It’s early April, and time for ospreys to get back to work remodeling their nests and starting new families. Iris, the female osprey at the Hellgate osprey cam in Missoula, Montana, and her mate Louis, have both arrived and set … Read more

Crows Aren’t the Only Smart Birds in Town

Readers of Scientists in the Field title Crow Smarts, by Pamela S. Turner and Andy Comins, know that being called a “bird brain” should be considered the highest form of flattery–especially where New Caledonian crows are involved! New Caledonian crows … Read more

2017 Osprey Update

This spring brings a lot of news from the two Montana osprey nests featured in The Call of the Osprey.  I’ll get the difficult news out of the way first. As I wrote in 2016, Stanley, mate of Iris, the … Read more

New Year, New Books Part 2

Considering how intelligent crows are, birdbrained doesn’t quite seem like an insult! To see for yourself just how clever and adaptive crows can be, check out the video below shot by photographer Andy Comins. And to learn more about these extraordinary … Read more

Report from New Caledonia, Part 2: Searching for the Holy Grail

Have you ever wondered what it’s like be in the field researching a book for the Scientists in the Field series? Here’s the day-by-day, play-by-play, behind-the-scenes story of Crow Smarts (2016), the amazing story of New Caledonian crows, famous for … Read more

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